Power 2015 Summary

Power 2015 Summary

– Fr. Edward Power, sdb, Director Boys’ Town 1964-1969

2015 was a vibrant and dynamic year for the Power Unit. We started with a theme of ‘Know Yourself’ and continued with ‘Now’, ‘Get On Board’, and ‘New Horizons’.

Term 1: ‘Know Yourself’

The focus for the term was ‘Know Yourself’. We think it is important for the boys to understand what motivates them to get through the day, what things they might struggle with and what things they can do to make themselves happy. In order to gain this insight, the boys did a variety of activities from therapy art to paddle boarding, financial mathematics to mood boards and the favourite, Food Technology – food and mood. With the exposure to all these different activities all boys were able to find something to help them de-stress a little. It was a great success and linked in well to our Term 2 theme, ‘Now’.

Term 2: ‘Now’

‘Now’, was all about living in the now! Often we focus too much of our attention on past events or future events and forget about appreciating the present moments. We took a close look in the English classes at news and other daily media articles. In Science, we were focusing on our solar system and the impacts of our daily living. The PE focus was on healthy living to develop lifelong physical activity. The boys worked really well in counselling to stay on top of the things they learnt in the previous term and to put them into action on a daily basis. We had a really fun camp week exploring different parts of Sydney and the South Coast. The highlight was when we went to Observation Hill and got a closer look at our Solar System, and followed by going to Kangaroo Valley to compare our living ‘Now’ to what it was like in early settlement in Australia.

Term 3: ‘Get On Board’

Term 3 was the time to ‘Get On Board!’ We wanted to instil a way of thinking, get on board with the program and get on board with change. As we know at Dunlea Centre, change can often be a tough thing and, when we are challenged daily some days we need a reminder to ‘Get on Board’. The boys grabbed it with both hands and by Week 3 it was all aboard the Power Train, next stop ‘Change’. Continuing with our healthy living towards lifelong physical activity, our focus was Mountain Biking. There were some weeks where it looked like we were training for the Tour de France, we were on the bikes that much.

Term 4: ‘New Horizons’

You could say we left the best term for last. Term 4 was a time for ‘New Horizons!’ With many of the boys coming to the end of their programs, it was the right time to explore new horizons, We did a surf survival program and body boarding, which saw our biggest improvements for the year. The young people who weren’t all that confident at the start of the term (some not going in the water at all), were, by Week 10 camp, able to paddle out to the back and catch waves all the way back in. The boys built billie carts, grew a garden full of foods to use and went deep sea fishing. By far this was the best camp and best term, and for those young people launching into their new horizons, what a way to do it!

Cracking year by all and we are already excited for what’s planned for 2016!


May 18, 2016
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