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Dunlea Centre have a wide variety of great programs to preserve the family unit. View the Dunlea Centre programs for more information. 

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There are many ways you can get involved with the Dunlea Centre.  You can make a donation, respond to an appeal or leave a bequest.

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Donations fund Dunlea Centre programs that help preserve the family unit.



Dunlea Centre Programs

Residential Family Preservation and Restoration Program

This programs goal is for an improvement in family life, and your child’s transition back into mainstream schooling or another appropriate setting.

Eligibility and Enrolment

Eligibility and Enrollment for the Family Preservation and Restoration Residential Program.

Family Talks

Family talks are held twice every school term and are open to anyone considering coming to the Dunlea Centre.

Partnership Programs

Dunlea Centre enters partnership agreements with other Agencies in order to meet the real needs of troubled children, youth and families.

What people say about the Dunlea Centre

  • "Thank you for looking after my grandson. I was out of ideas and don’t know where both of us would be without Dunlea. The staff are incredibly supportive and have given him the courage to try and to believe in himself."
    Grandparent, 2020
  • "It’s amazing. They are helping me to build friendships, they help me with my education. Everything is just amazing."
    Former Student
  • "Dunlea has changed our lives. Without Dunlea, I don’t know where my family would be today. Dunlea saved my life. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for this service. Dunlea was my last port of call, if this didn’t help my son, I was out of options.  My son is now a different person and I will never be able to repay Dunlea for what they have done. This program and the staff are beyond exceptional."
  • "Since coming to the Hamilton Program at Dunlea Centre I am actually doing something with my education. Before coming to the program, I hadn’t been to school in over a year. This program is much less stressful than a mainstream school."
    Current Student
  • "The Hamilton program has helped my son immensely with schooling. Before the program we had run out of options and didn’t have anywhere to go. Now my son loves going to school and is improving his education."

How to help the Dunlea Centre

Make A Donation

Make A Donation

The easiest way to help the Dunlea Centre to make a donation. You can find out more about donating by clicking the button below.

Make A Donation

Leave A Bequest

Leave A Bequest

Dunlea Centre is a registered charity that relies heavily on the goodwill and generosity of the community for funding of its projects.

Leave A Bequest

Regular Giving

Regular Giving

Dunlea centre is still focused on keeping families together and helping them through troubled times, Your donation will help them heal from violence and hardship.

Regular Giving

Donate to an Appeal

Donate to an Appeal

Each year the Dunlea Centre runs a number of appeals to help raise vital funds to contribute to the programs focused on keeping families together.

Donate to an Appeal

Dunlea Centre News

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    Dunlea Centre’s 2021 Annual Report

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    Dunlea Centre Relay For Life

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  • Give them a future luncheon
    Give them a future luncheon

    Dunlea Centre regretfully writes to inform our supporters that we have made the decision to put the Fundraising Luncheon...

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