Educational Report

Educational Report

2021, a year to forget, yet we will always remember. It was the third year of the implementation of TFM, (Boys’ Town Omaha Teaching Family Model). From a staff perspective, it has proven to be a most effective model for improving student academic outcomes and developing social skills.

Although the year had its challenges, especially in Term 3, it didn’t deter the Dunlea young people who quite impressively, remained engaged and committed to their specific programs. They adapted well to remote learning and with the quick-thinking and naturally supportive nature of all the Dunlea staff, there was little disruption to their academic progress. The Agency opted for work from home packs, with zoom check-ins throughout the day, as it was acknowledged there was a natural struggle with teens using computers. It was decided that the ‘old school’ paper-approach would reduce pressure on families in managing device-usage at home.

In addition to the plethora of challenges of 2021, it was Dunlea Centre’s inaugural year of delivering the Stage 6 program. Dunlea has opted for a compressed curriculum approach to Prelim/HSC for students in year 11 and 12. The program encountered uncertainty around the HSC actually occurring, due to several lockdowns and further restrictions as a result of the escalating COVID infections. Nonetheless, once again, the young people of Dunlea showed great resilience through adversity and if anything, solidified their resolve as they advantageously utilised the additional weeks provided to their studies.

Three subjects were covered in the first year, Work Studies, English Standard and PDHPE. Pleasingly, there were several positive reports from supervising employers in the Work Studies area. Dunlea young people achieved great marks in English Standard with the majority of the group scoring Band 3 and 4 in the HSC markings. Correspondingly, there were great results in PDHPE with a similar spread of marks.

As always, Dunlea is delighted with the achievements of the young people and even more so when considering the challenges of 2021.

December 9, 2021