Flemming Summary – 2018

Flemming Summary – 2018

The Fleming House had a very busy and productive year in 2018. While there were some challenges, the work to overcome them frequently resulted in big successes. We had four successful graduates of our program, two of whom completed their Year 10 studies. All have now moved onto bigger and better things in furthering their education with the support of their families.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest strengths of the Fleming House last year was the Work Experience Program led by our Youth Worker. This involved setting up a network of contacts from a variety of local businesses and asking if they would be willing to take on the responsibility of engaging one young person in work experience for a set period of time. We received a great response and had students complete work experience at Bunnings Kirrawee, Taren Point Animal Shelter, GK’s Café Engadine and the Big Red Café Engadine, to name a few.

This proved to be an incredibly valuable experience for the young people who completed the Work Experience Program. It gave them an opportunity to the master the skills needed to manage responsibilities of work, working without direct supervision and receiving feedback, both positive and negative. An additional benefit of this has been that two of our students completed resumes, practiced interview skills and gained part-time work.

One of our student’s favourite events which occurred each term in 2018, was going on camp. Last year we visited a variety of locations and had a range of experiences, all of which served to challenge the young people to overcome adversity, to succeed and have a lot of fun along the way.

We enjoyed a week camping at Coledale Beach, where the students went surfing and bodyboarding; a week in the Royal National Park honing our bushcraft skills; a few days in the Blue Mountains and a week in Cudmirrah on the South Coast, participating in as many water sports as we possibly could.

The purpose of our camps was to provide our young people with much more than just a holiday. The activities were designed to take the young people out of their comfort zones, so that when they found something difficult to achieve, they could learn from it and try again to succeed. This was all done with the staff accompanying them every step of the way, providing a mentoring presence.

The residential aspect of the Fleming House program provided an environment for the young people to work on goals and skills that step outside the boundaries of schooling and make lifelong learning possible.

The young people were kept physically active with regular yoga sessions, Jujitsu classes, trips to Skyzone, playing team sports with other houses and regular card game tournaments. Basketball has become so popular that we have invested in our own basketball ring which has been installed outside our residential building.

The following Quotes from Students best describes their thoughts on the impact of the Fleming House
program in 2018:

“I like coming here because it gets me away from technology all the time”

“I’m learning good life skills in resi like how to wash my clothes, how to cook and cleaning up after myself”

“I like getting the extra help with my schoolwork as I didn’t really go to school before”


July 3, 2019
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