Savio Summary – 2018

Savio Summary – 2018

The Savio program launched into action in Term 2, 2018 as a result of the growing need to support local students, with a space to learn social skills and improve educational needs. Starting with four students in the first week – we reached capacity by the start of Term 3 – highlighting the call for a program of this type within the Sutherland Shire.

Our local Member of Parliament, Lee Evans, officially opened the class at the beginning of Term 3, giving a great speech which provided inspiration to our young people. Lee acknowledged their commitment to making improvements and highlighted the importance of setting themselves up well now, to help find success in the future. We are very grateful for the support Lee has given not only the Savio class but to Dunlea Centre as a whole.

Term 3 also had some great educational excursions. On a weekly basis we visited a local gym for our Physical Activity and Sports Studies class, which was highly engaging and beneficial to our young people. They were able to gain skills and an insight into understanding the benefits of lifelong physical activity.

We also had a number of excursions for our Geography classes, examining the relationships between the biosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere. Our students were quick to appreciate the importance of managing all aspects of our environment to help make a positive impact on the Earth and improve the outlook for both current and future generations.

We finished the year well with dynamic programs across all Key Learning Areas. No doubt the Surf Awareness Program at our local Cronulla Beach was a highlight for the students. It was great to see everyone gather a better awareness of the ocean and when it came to riding waves, all of our young people were quick to acquire this skill.

The other subject to make note of (and this one was enjoyed by all family members of the young people) was Food Technology. Our young people developed their culinary skills in making ‘Foods for Occasions’, which saw them develop and cook menus for celebrations and events such as birthdays, weddings and dinner parties. There was the odd cake that went home and the family feedback was sensational!

In all, Savio House has proven to be a great addition to Dunlea Centre in 2018, strengthening our ability to support local students’ individual needs.


July 3, 2019
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