Family Talks

Family talks are held three times every school term and are open to anyone considering coming to Dunlea Centre.

Dunlea Centre Family Talk

All prospective students and their carers must attend a Family talk before applying.

At the talk, the Dunlea Centre Executive Director, Family Services Manager and Educational Services Manager will

  • Explain how the Dunlea Centre program works;
  • Conduct a tour of one of the Living and Learning Centres;
  • Provide families with the paperwork required to be completed before the enrolment process can commence.

Following the Family talk application packages will be distributed to those who wish to attend Dunlea Centre and the enrolment process will continue.

If you are interested in attending a family talk, please ring the Dunlea Centre’s Administration staff on (02) 8508 3900. All the families who call will be invited to the meeting provided they meet the general eligibility criteria.

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